Raising Children in a Changing World

Life Stories from Global Parents


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About the Authors

Jayne Ruff


Jayne lives in London with her husband and two children. Originally from Scotland, she is an Occupational Psychologist working with global teams through organisational development and change. Jayne is also the founder of coaching and development consultancy – Parenting Point – and she is passionate about supporting people as they navigate working parenthood. Jayne talks openly about her own struggles juggling work and home life and how she uses psychology to feel more confident in her parenting and professional choices. Outside of work, Jayne enjoys nothing more than spending time with her family in the great outdoors.

Aarthi Prabhakaran


Aarthi has 20+ years of multi-faceted experience in providing Consulting to EdTech Start-ups, Integrative Counselling & Community Development, impacting new-age entrepreneurs, diverse student and family populations. Her international relocations enriched her expertise to apply global best practices in any local context. Pursuing her passion in Counselling Psychology, she runs an exclusive life skills programme - ChangeMakers - for teens and young adults, to inculcate the aspects of problem solving, holistic well-being, and being a learner for life like herself. She is an alumna of BITS Pilani.

Anjna Parameswaran


Anjna is an English teacher with immense love for nature, books and animals. Currently living and learning from Bengaluru, Karnataka after having lived and worked across India.

Jaita Mullick


Jaita Mullick is a learning strategist with a career spanning over 15 years. Overtime she dabbled in various vocations starting from mentoring and teaching, banking, corporate training and communications to editing. Originally from Kolkata, India, she is a social activist by passion and a momblogger with an adventurous streak which keeps her and her little one busy exploring Bangalore and beyond!

Chandrika Iyer


Chandrika is an educator and a certified counselor. She has a combined experience of more than four decades dealing with children and parents as an educator and later as a counselor. She brings her vast expertise in engaging with children and parents of different cultures and countries to her practice as a parent coach and counselor for children and young adults. Chandrika has a Masters in Curriculum and Teaching from Michigan State University and Advanced certification in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) from the Albert Ellis Institute, NY. In addition, she has continuously upgraded her skill set by getting certifications in Dialectical Behavior Therapy for families and children and in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). She is passionate about advocating emotional education as part of the school and college curriculum. She believes that imparting Social and Emotional learning skills (SEL) is key to achieving children's mental well-being. With the advent of social media, both children and parents find it challenging to navigate issues arising from the excessive use of technology and find it very challenging to deal with the mounting peer pressure. Parents also need the help of professionals to deal with the changing times and learn how best to support themselves and their children in this parenting journey. With this in mind, Chandrika started The parenting club in 2013, which offers coaching, workshops, and sessions for parents and children. Chandrika is a proud grandmother of two granddaughters and lives in Bengaluru, India, with her family.

Jenna Clancey


Jenna lives in Charleston with her husband and daughter. Born in NJ, Jenna has lived all around the northeast until finally settling in SC in 2018. She has gone through many stages of her career - a mental health specialist, special ed teacher, fundraising and special events and finally to business development and management for Witten Clancey Partners, their medical physics consulting company. Jenna is excited to continue to bring to the forefront the importance of conversations about parenting and mental health. Outside of work and family, Jenna loves to spend time at the beach or on the water and organizing outings for friends.

Yagya Mahadevan


Yagya is a Technology Project Manager by profession, working with Software, Infrastructure & Project Management for over 23 years now. When he is not spending time with family, he is usually working on projects. Originally from India and now living in the US for last 10 years, has given him different perspectives on life with a special needs child and how different parts of the world sees, supports and empathizes with them.

Denise Varughese

Denise is a reader, writer, partner, mother, and friend. She is from Long Island, New York and now lives in Houston, TX with her husband, three children, and dog, Blue. Denise has 16 years of experience working in K-12 education and loves facilitating communities where people can connect and grow.

Ramakrishnan Rajamani

Krish Rajamani is a curious learner, hard & smart worker, explorer of nature & food, vivid seeker & giver. He has 22 years of professional and varied career experience as a software developer, hedge fund business analyst, global co-ordinator, and finance system head - supporting programs to transform systems. He’s a coach to people truly looking to transform, and a leader of people in support of realising individual & organizational visions. As a learner of NLP over 7 years, this has helped Krish discover a lot about himself & others in the ecosystem. Krish is grateful of the opportunities he’s had to support people transform their lives, their state & help them just move forward. Krish is a strong believer that to be happy, you should support other people to be happy, and the world then becomes better place to live every day!

Preetha Bhaskar

I am a simple, fun-loving person, who worked in the Telecom Sector and as a Head of Order Management and Forecasting in Supply Chain with a UPS manufacturing Company for over a decade. In the quest of exploring new avenues, I have spread my wings into the Marketing division in a FMCG Co. currently. Ardent lover of Sarees and Jewel making eventually turned me into an entrepreneur – running a small boutique for Sarees and handmade Jewelries during the weekends. Following the passion of what I love has made me who I am today. A Career woman, An Entrepreneur, A Mother and A responsible Daughter and my name is Preetha Bhaskar.

Anuradha Gupta


Anuradha Gupta (Anu) (she/her) is a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Engineer, MBA, Meditator, Writer and 200 hr. Yoga Teacher. She is an Ayurvedic Doctor-in-Training who will graduate in end 2023. She is a Faculty, Content Specialist and AP Mentor at Kerala Ayurveda USA. She lives in California with her husband and is the proud Mom of two beautiful kids and lovely cats. She is a prolific writer who writes about Ayurveda, sustainability and LGBTQIA+ rights for Art of Living and Kerala Ayurveda. She studied “Queering Identities” and is an active LGBTQIA+ advocate. Anu is on the Board of her local PFLAG Chapter. She was a Guest speaker advocating for LGBTQ+ issues at “Desi Moms”,” Queer Story Time”, her Engineering School, BITS, Pilani on “Embracing LGBTQ+ in the Family” and at San Ramon Diversity Coalition. She volunteers for many nonprofits like Art of Living, Project Welcome Home Troops and Free Mom Hugs. Following in the footsteps of many Mama Bears, Anu is a non-denominational Minister who can officiate LGBTQIA+ weddings and was featured by the Universal Life Church. In 2021, on behalf of the Human Rights Campaign, Anu represented the LGBTQIA+ community at the US Senate to advocate for the Equality Act. Anu was on the DEI committee of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association in the US for a year. In the Ayurvedic field, she is working hard to make the space LGBTQIA+ affirming. Anu hopes to leave the world a kinder, happier, more inclusive and just place.

Arren Williams

Arren Williams is a 62 year old Mother and Grandmother with hundreds of children and adults that call her Miss Arren. Born and raised in California, she has also called Canada and many other states her home. Her career paths have been diverse yet always customer service oriented. Property Management, Police Officer, Childcare Provider and Business Consultant are a few of her professional titles. Her true passion is developing young minds and freeing them from trauma and limitations. She is also gifted in culinary arts and would empress the most discerning palate. Arren has experienced half a century of trauma, oppression, addiction, neglect, psychological abuse and sexual assault and rape by family members. Through years of healing work, the adoption of self empowerment and an open minded approach, she has transcended the rage and guilt. By combining collective knowledge with the wisdom and practices of great minds, she is alchemizing her pain into love. She has broken a multigenerational cycle of trauma and abuse to set her family on a path of healing and restoration that flows into every aspect of her life, including her work with families. She has created a set of techniques and antidotes, sayings and applications ,that are working for Babies and Children of all ages. Easy Empowerment & Accountability techniques help her clients resolve issues and grow as individuals, as families, as communities and as a world full of people. Her hope is for a healed and restored world,, one individual at a time, one family at a time. She truly believes that this will change the world. Our planet that is crying out for healing and growth. She has many tools to help facilitate such a change on this planet NOW!